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Students will be required to complete a total of 21 credits of Minor-approved Elective courses, which must include two required courses and participation in a public science presentation which must be approved by the Program Advisor. The balance of the courses can be from the list of Elective Minor courses.

Required courses (6 credits required; Students to select two out of three courses)

  • Environment and Health in Society and Mass Media (Human Ecology) 11:374:225
  • Communication in the Life Sciences (Human Ecology) 11:374:435


  • Public science presentation

Elective Minor courses (15 credits required)

Human Ecology
Leadership Skills online courses
Marine and Coastal Studies
  • Communicating sciences to informal audiences 11:628:307
  • Communicating and teaching climate science 11:300:340
  • Weather, Climate and Television I 11:670:111 (1.5 credit) 11:670:111
  • Weather, Climate and Television II 11:670:111 (1.5 credit) 11:670:111
Nutritional Sciences
  • Nutrition Communication 11:709:442 (prereqs: 709:202, 255, 441)
Program in Science Learning
Women and Gender Studies

NOTE: additional courses will be added as developed/approved